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Please note that there might be bugs, and if any are found, I'll try to fix them and update the download link ;)

The game is complete! ^^ It's been in production for almost 2 months now, I think :) And here's the result ^^ REALLY hope you like it, and of course, thanks to Scott Cawthon for making such an amazing series to get inspiration from!

Have you ever seen Wario and the gang like this? Probably not. Could this be a... parallell universe to the Mushroom Kingdom? Could be.

Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! The ultimate goal for this game is to get the big Markiplier himself to play it! ^^ Hope he will :D It's also beyond awesome that big Youtubers like Mastermax888 and FusionZGamer actually played the Demo of my game!! It's sick! :D Hope they all wil try it out again, now as the full version is out! ^^

Thanks for being so supportive to this project! I've gotten a ton of positive feedback from all of you! :) Hope this turned out as a nice parody/fan game to Five Nights at Freddy's! ^^

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